Needs Assessments:


How to interpret your data from an asset view versus deficit view

  What does your data suggest
  What do your test scores really tell you about your students/staff
  Where is learning taking place and how do you know
  Mastery Standards

                   Change the stinking thinking

(It’s not what you are eating but often what is eating at you)




Collaborative Approach:


Why organizational structure, systemic processes and celebrations turn schools around

  Who is at the table and why?
  Power-Authority- Influence
  Do you know your Negotiated Agreement?


It take two to make them

an a minimum of 2 to raise them

(You don’t have to be sick to get better approach)





Equity is Everything


When you start with the heart and mind it’s hard to lose

  Mental Mindsets why I believe and what I believe 
  Commonalities versus Difference
  Self-Efficacy
  Top Five influences
  Chapters of our lives

If it is to be, it is up to me.

(He who conceals his disease can’t expect to be cured)

We Make It Work.