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Exposure Changes Expectations,

Experience Change Lives.


​​The Ohio Education and Prevention Association, LLC focuses exclusively on the unique challenges and opportunities urban school districts address​. OEPA works​ within the system to confront the expectation and belief gaps for students of poverty and color.​ ​These gaps are contributing factors to the performance in state achievement tests and graduation disparities amongst students.

For over 17 years, OEPA has successfully prepared staff and students to increase academic outcomes within urban areas by providing high-quality professional development.

​​Although​​​​ life provides choices, chances, and consequences​, ​​Dr. Lorraine Monroe and other prominent urban specialists have molded ​our​ philosophy that education provides students with choices, chances, and options​. 

By starting with safer schools and exceeding education standards, Urban educators, in collaboration with families and the community, can create experiences to enhance the opportunities for students. Ohio Education Prevention Association, LLC promotes reading well, writing well, speaking well, and critical thinking.

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