Dr. Sandy Womack Jr.

Dr. Sandy Womack Jr. is a servant leader with over 25 years of successful experience in urban education. He is an NCAA All-American wrestler with a doctorate in educational leadership. He is an author, principal, district administrator, equity trainer, and motivational speaker. Dr. Womack is an urban school turnaround specialist. Sandy currently serves as the director of principal leadership and development and  the equity task force in his current district.


As Director of School Improvement in one of The Ohio Big Eight Urban
Districts he and his team increased the performance levels of each school under his umbrella.
The schools made adequate yearly progress with all subgroups in several of his schools. The
majority of his schools, during this tenure as director of school improvement, moved to the effective rating on their Ohio Department of Education local school report cards.


As a principal, Sandy was appointed to serve in two of the lowest-performing schools in Stark
County, one at the elementary level and the other at the middle school level. Each school had
over 20% special education, 90% poverty and over 85% minority student populations. The
success of his students and staff in these schools provided him the unique skill set he possesses
today. Dr. Womack moved his elementary school from academic emergency to school of choice
status increasing the reading and math performance levels by over 60 percentage points. He and
his staff moved his middle school from academic emergency to effective proving many
naysayers wrong, after the board of education closed his school mid-year.


”Education has changed my life, and the lives of my family and community have improved
tremendously as a result of the God-given purpose to serve students in an urban setting. As a
child of a single mother, a father with three felony convictions, and low expectations from
teachers, and school administration I learned the importance of starting with self. Education is
not the like business; it is the life business and educators either breathe life into their student or
take the life out of them. We work to ensure your staff has the tools to breathe life into the
students and the faculty.”

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