“He was a fascinating lecturer”

-Cleveland Heights staff member





“This session was awesome. Learning about the history of how

our students have become so far removed from the educational system.

Teaching to the whole child is key. It is our job as educators to teach

and speak life into our students.”

-CH-UH teacher





“His presentation was outstanding; he made it personable and interesting.

I learned information that I never knew.”

-Participant at Marginalization presentation





“My biggest inspiration in life is, Dr. Sandy D. Womack Jr.”

-current doctoral student





“A powerful and thought provoking presentation; the session was outstanding because the presenter, Dr. Womack, was transparent throughout

the presentation. Gaining more defined and in-depth perspective/knowledge regarding the role of educators as it relates to inequitable treatment of minority citizens in America, achievement gap and pipeline from school to prison.”
Participant at one of the marginalization presentations It was amazing because he did not veer away from 
important facts due to the demographic of
the class”

-School administrator






“Excellent information and presentation style it made me think about how I interact with my students and people in general.”

-Female workshop participant

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