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Dr. Sandy D. Womack Jr. | Dr. Monica S. Womack | Dr. Fendrich R. Clark

The Ohio Education and Prevention Association, LLC focuses exclusively on the unique challenges and opportunities urban school districts address. OEPA LLC works with each system in confronting the expectation and belief gaps for students of poverty and of color. The belief, opportunity and expectation gaps are often the most significant contributing factors to the current levels of performance we see in state achievement tests and graduation disparities for students of color and poverty. 


Our proven innovative approach will transform your school culture and increase administrator, teacher and staff member’s degree of self-efficacy. Each level of the organization will leave our professional development training with tools, ideas, and methods to increase the current levels of performance of your students and staff. We coach teams to use organizational tools  that facilitate collaborate between families in the community.


Education and explicitly teaching and serving urban schools is not a job or a career it is a calling. Dr. Womack’s approaches, methods, and successes are the result of 25 years of increased levels of  preparation and student academic outcomes in areas where they said it could not be done!


His mantra is simple, “exposure changes expectation but experiences change lives.” His training under Dr. Lorraine Monroe and other prominent urban specialist has molded his philosophy that education provides our students, choices, chances, and options while life provides choices, chances and consequences. Urban educators in collaboration with families and the community can create experiences to enhance the student's opportunities; starting with safe schools and education standards focused on reading well, writing well, speaking well, and critical thinking.

Recent Articles Featuring Dr. Womack

Arnett, A. (2017) July 17, 2017, Funding for Failure: officials say education isn’t created for everyone, Featured Article, Education Dive 

Womack, S. (2018) March 2, 2018, Schools Need Support commentary, Education Week.

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